Infographic: The Vocal Ranges of Your All-Time Favorite Singers, Visualized

Any list study that places Axl Rose and Prince right next to each other, where they belong, is like sweet music to my ears.

A new interactive infographic from offbeat travel service pits the vocal ranges of today’s top artists against some of the most acclaimed vocalists of all time. It’s total anarchy. The list of those included runs the gamut from Miley Cyrus to Dusty Springfield, and holds many surprises–mainly the fact that Axl Rose can go both higher and lower than just about anyone else in the game. In addition to a straight-up ranking of ranges, the infographic lets users see the highest and lowest notes each artist hit in the recording studio, and what songs tipped them over. Have a look below and here at what makes Mariah Carey the glass-breaking queen of the high note.

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