LinkedIn Will Now Rank Your Profile Based On Popularity

Are you a star or a nobody on LinkedIn? A new tool called How You Rank will tell you.

LinkedIn Will Now Rank Your Profile Based On Popularity
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LinkedIn has debuted a feature that will show users how they rank among their connections, which means LinkedIn vanity can now be quantified.


Who’s Viewed Your Profile, one of the social network’s most popular features, now includes a tool called How You Rank, which will show the most-viewed profiles among one’s company and greater network. By displaying the top profiles, the Mountain View-based company hopes to boost engagement and encourage users to polish their own profiles to increase their visibility on the network.

“Take a look at the top profiles in your network to gain inspiration for changes you can make to your own profile, or content you can share to increase views to your profile and drive opportunities for advancement,” product manager Dmitry Shevelenko wrote in a blog post Wednesday. “Or take a look at the suggestions LinkedIn offers on the right-hand side of the page for ways you can begin increasing views to your profile immediately.

The most popular LinkedIn profiles among employees of Mansueto Ventures, Fast Company‘s parent company. Image: Screenshot
The most popular LinkedIn profiles among the writer’s network. Image: Screenshot

Though the company says How You Rank can help students, job seekers, and recruiters, this tool makes LinkedIn feel a bit like a popularity contest. So, how popular are you?

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