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This Baby Goat Taking His First Steps With A Mini Wheelchair Will Melt Your Insides

Turn up the volume to hear Frostie's bleats of joy.

Frostie the snow goat, the cutest kid with the cutest name, suffers from a debilitating condition called "joint navel ill" that has rendered his hind legs unusable. It's very sad; Frostie is only a few days old. But things are looking up for our friend: The kind people of Edgar's Mission, an Australian nonprofit for rescue animals, have provided him with a Frostie-size wheelchair to help him get around—and also to kill us with cuteness.

Watch him take his first steps (and prepare to lose it):

"It's really important that we keep Frosty mobile so that he can move about and help those toxins get flushed out of his system," his handler, Pam, explains in the video. Hopefully the little cart, which he borrowed from another adorable animal in need—a pig named Leon Trotsky—will help Frostie learn to walk as he grows.

If you're yearning for more tiny animals using tiny wheelchairs, here's Leon trotting along in his new wheels:

He's also too adorable to handle. (He lost use of his legs when his mom fell on him!) But it's hard to compete with a baby goat.

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