Pornhub’s Crowdsourced Ad Quest Has Yielded These Reasonably SFW Results

If you’re going to win a job in porn, this is probably the easiest one to tell your mom about.

advertisement, one of the biggest (that’s what she said) porn-sharing sites recognized that there is a lot of talent out there that would be pumped to land a creative director job with any company, even one they might be a bit shy talking up too much at the table at Thanksgiving. Thus, the brand conducted a crowdsourced campaign to find ideas for its first ad campaign, with the winner grabbing a temporary spot as creative director in the surely well-scrubbed Pornhub offices.


The contest solicited users to submit their vision for a Pornhub ad–a poster, a billboard, a video, etc–and promised to offer the contract and the title of creative director to the winner as the grand prize. The company’s safe-for-work Tumblr stipulated the full rules of the contest, which closed in April (and which includes the less-than-encouraging sentence, “the value of the contract will be determined after the completion of contest”), and this week the team shared the work of the 15 finalists.

Some of the ads–most of which are a single visual image–are pretty good, many of them irreverent and clever about the ubiquity of porn while making a winking reference to the fact that it’s, you know, porn. The highlight, perhaps is the #everybodydoesit campaign, which highlights that even cool-looking, attractive people (one of whom looks suspiciously like Jonathan Franzen) are inclined to use, ahem, visual aids from time to time. Elsewhere, “The World’s Biggest Archive Of Nothing” captures the response of the dude who’s been busted as he explains what he’s been watching.

Subtlety and the challenging of stigma wasn’t the goal of every finalist, though: one of the more effective images is the newspaper ad (which probably indicates the entrant isn’t a millennial) that reads, “Wanted: One Handed Typists” with the words “We’ve Got Millions Of Openings” underneath. Double-entendres were actually surprisingly limited among finalists, though, and most of them aren’t as crass as “millions of openings”–take, for example, the bus shelter ad that asks simply “Where Are You Getting Off,” and answers it with the company’s logo.

In all, there’s a surprising amount of creativity from entrants competing for a job without a guaranteed salary, working for a porn company. Still, user-uploaded porn is an area that is likely to be ever-growing (that’s what she said), which suggests that a gig with Pornhub, regardless of the specifics of the terms, is probably not a bad place to launch a career. At the very least, think of all the sleazy double-entendres the winner will get to make.

See the finalists in the gallery above.

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