Samsung Summons Big-Screen Icons To Herald Its Next Big (Curved) Thing

A new campaign for Samsung’s Ultra HD curved TV stitches together moments from iconic films into one giant reaction shot.

Ever since TVs shed the tubes in the ’90s and morphed into slim flat panels, they haven’t really changed all that much beyond size and picture quality. Samsung shook up the screen game when it released its Curved OLED last year, the market’s first curved panel TV, and now the company has upgraded the curve with Ultra HD technology. While experts have debated what exactly the curve adds to the viewing experience–Samsung itself has argued that the curvy screens provide a more “expansive field of view”–the upshot is that the the new design brings at-home viewing just that little bit closer to a “theatrical” experience. So who better to trumpet the arrival of the latest thing in screens than famous figures from the big screen?


Created by 72andSunny, “The Curve Changes Everything” campaign uses footage from films such as Clueless, Back to the Future, Jaws, Zoolander, Turbo, Gravity, and Field of Dreams, plucking key moments to create one big, cohesive reaction shot. As characters utter their lines, the intent is that, in this context, they are all reacting to the “experience, excitement, and wonder that a Curved UHD TV demonstrates when watching your favorite content,” according to Peggy Ang, vice president marketing communications at Samsung Electronics America, who sums up the advantage of the curve design like so: “Not only is the curved design visually stunning, it also allows for a more uniform distance from the eye to the entire surface of the screen, so it perceptually widens the field of view, enveloping you into the content you love.”

Bryan Rowles, partner and executive creative director, 72andSunny says that the idea for the campaign was born from the current tide of entertainment programming. “Culturally, we are in the midst of an epic time for content. TV shows are amazing, movies are amazing, old movies being broadcast in 4K is amazing, online content is amazing. Which led us to the idea behind the spot: Iconic characters from film and TV discovering the curved TV at the same time we do.”

The agency worked with director Rian Johnson (Looper and Breaking Bad) and Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda (The Life of Pi) to bring the spot to life. In addition to television spots, the campaign will also include print, digital and out of home components such as billboards featuring an actual curved TV that will protrude out from the standard billboard. These will be featured in New York and Los Angeles, beginning in June.

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