The Top 5 Leadership Stories, May 12-16

Getting retweets, cool negotiation perks, and serious about our smaller goals: This week, we thought outside the box.


We were feeling freaky this week, with ideas about alternative kinds of intelligence, strange (and totally awesome) job perks, and calling out our passions as B.S.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of May 12.

6 Things You Should Negotiate At Work

You hopefully negotiated for more pay, vacation time, and flexbility at work. But what about the freedom of a sabbatical? Or a wardrobe allowance? What about stock options? These job perks might not be for the hiring interview, but if it’s time for your review and you deserve a little extra on the table, check out these outside-the-box negotiating points.

Twitter 101: How To Get More Clicks, Retweets, And Reach

When 78% of a brand’s Twitter engagement with its customers is through retweets, how do you craft a perfectly RT-able 140 characters? This guide goes through your best best on hashtag use, photos and videos, and how to measure your impact.

Beyond Traditional Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Weapons Of Great Innovators

There are more ways than ever to connect to your customers. How do you know what will stick–and how to make the most of what you’ve got? “The best innovators have the answer, and their secret weapon is connectional intelligence.” Measure your own connectional intelligence, here.


The Freakonomics Authors’ New Approach To Creative, Productive Thinking

What can we learn from a hot dog eating champ? Instead of asking himself, “How do I eat more hot dogs?” he asked, “How do I make hot dogs easier to eat?” The wisdom of freaky people: Never underestimate it.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams On Why Big Goals Are For Losers

You’ve set a lofty goal, and midway through, it’s not looking good–so you give up. To top it off, your “passion” is a dud. The cartoonist who famously (and too-accurately) depicts office life has a refreshing reality check for the myths we’re told about pursuing dreams.

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