Three Gorgeous Food Blogs That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Plate

Instagram sensation Ida Skivenes shares some sources of culinary inspiration–including an Italian fashion/food mashup site that will knock your socks off.

Instagram sensation Ida Skivenes eats all of her art. In fact, Skivenes, one of Fast Company‘s Most Creative People in Business, doesn’t even see her creations as art, but rather the recipe evolved into a beautiful, Instagrammable creation.


“It’s really the beauty of the ingredients themselves that inspire me the most to keep on creating,” she told Fast Company. “It’s my love for food and color, really.”

Skivenes gets a lot of her inspiration from the grocery store. Asparagus is in season in Berlin, where she lives. Hence her recent TV Tower creation, made from a white stalk. But the food artist also draws inspiration from food blogs that, much like she does, look at ingredients in new and interesting ways. Here are the top three sites Skivenes has on her radar now.

Taste of Runway: Where Fashion Meets Food

This Italian site combines two of the country’s staples: high fashion and delicious cuisine. Taking photos straight from the runway, the site uses catwalk styles as inspiration for creative recipes. It sounds unlikely, but if you head to the homepage, you’ll see concoctions like Eu De Tomato, an adorable Grand Marnier-based cocktail that looks alarmingly like the beautiful woman modeling Feudi e Guaineri. This eggplant cheese sculpture modeled after a Valentino dress is another favorite.

“It has been going on for awhile, but they keep on making these really amazing connections,” said Skivenes. “It makes me inspired to keep on going because you can see beyond the obvious and mix things that are not immediately connected.”

Naturally Ella: Simple, Seasonal, and Beautiful

In Berlin, Skivenes, who’s Norwegian, has noticed that the grocery stores only stock seasonal ingredients. Naturally Ella, a California-based blog, focuses on seasonal vegetarian recipes, making it particularly interesting to Skivenes. “I’m really inspired by the ingredients and how they come one after another, that really keeps me motivated,” she said. “I do create a lot of things and I look at the ingredients and I think, ‘What do they remind me of?'” Get ready for a lot of asparagus, rhubarb, and strawberry concoctions on her Instagram, as those are the foods of Germany’s early summer.

The Forest Feast: An Illustrated, Annotated Guide To Cooking

Instead of the standard written-through recipe, the Forest Feast combines crisp photography with fun annotations and illustrations to guide chefs through the process. “It’s a fresh way of presenting it,” said Skivenes. “Everything is very colorful and it brings up a lot of nice seasonal ingredients.”


Much like Skivenes’s popular Instagram, Ida Frosk, where she makes art out of food, all of these sites present recipes in more interesting and different ways than your standard cookbook. But the end result is always food. “I don’t want it to be an art project; I eat the stuff I make,” she said. “I am also inspired when I see other people doing that.”

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Rebecca Greenfield is a former Fast Company staff writer. She was previously a staff writer at The Atlantic Wire, where she focused on technology news.