See Math Come To Life In 50 Trippy Visuals

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is the “professional and learned society for qualified and practicing mathematicians” (this according to the IMA website). Not the first place you’d look for visual magic.

But the U.K.-based Institute, which turns 50 this year, has released a book celebrating its longevity, which is nothing short of psychedelic. 50 Visions of Mathematics is “designed to showcase the beauty of mathematics.” It contains 50 essays on a wide range of mathematical topics, accompanied by 50 “visions of mathematics” created IMA members and people in the math community in response to an open call for contributions. The images include an amoeba-like map of Cambridge public transport, a magnified, elephantine Mandelbrot set, a Fibonacci spiral of 3,000 seeds, and an analysis of colorful, trippy waves through crystal.

Take a look at some of the images in the gallery above.