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Get Ready For The Return Of The Ridiculously Addictive Flappy Bird

Are your tapping fingers prepared for the August return?

Get Ready For The Return Of The Ridiculously Addictive Flappy Bird

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the insanely addictive mobile game Flappy Bird that had millions of people metronomically tapping at their phone screens, is set to be resurrected this August. In an interview with reclusive creator Dong Nguyen, CNBC's Kelly Evans reports the new version will be multiplayer and, somehow, "less addictive" than the global phenomenon that was suddenly yanked from the App Store and Google Play in February.

Fans were puzzled when that happened, especially since the game's 28-year-old developer was said to be making roughly $50,000 a day. No one is quite sure why Nguyen pulled it. But in the weeks following Flappy Bird's ascent into the mainstream, the Hanoi-based creator's tweets became increasingly dark and cryptic, as he deflected withering accusations of hacking and plagiarizing from other developers. (None of which turned out to be true.) "It is something I never want," he tweeted at the time. "Please give me peace."

In Flappy Bird's wake sprang countless copycats (copybirds?) (and doges) attempting to duplicate the original's overnight success. All kinds of theories have been floated as to how an indie with infuriating mechanics and laughable graphics could go on to become the #1 game worldwide.

"People can clone the app because of its simplicity," Nguyen told Rolling Stone in a March interview, "but they will never make another Flappy Bird."

Pretty soon, they won't have to.