Mark Zuckerberg Is Officially An Old Loser, According To Mark Zuckerberg

Happy 30th birthday to the Facebook mastermind! Wonder if he still thinks “young people are just smarter.”

Mark Zuckerberg Is Officially An Old Loser, According To Mark Zuckerberg
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Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg, you old bag of unemployable bones!


Oops, did I offend you? Just remember, you once suggested that companies should think twice before they hire anyone over 30. And, well, today you’re the Big 3-0! So you’re over the hill in Silicon Valley, right?

To be fair, that quote about old losers is from way back in 2007, when Zuck was but a grown child of 22 and not yet media trained. That was when Zuck said: “Young people are just smarter.”

It’s true, young people have simpler lives–no kids, cars, or houses– and can perhaps more intensely concentrate on things like coding better facial recognition software. “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical,” Zuck added back then, reiterating the point that people over 30 do not make good employees. He wondered then: “Why are most chess masters under 30?”

Now 30 himself, Zuckerberg has seemingly changed his attitude about hiring. The 44-year-old Sheryl Sandberg has ushered the company into profitability, after all. And it doesn’t seem likely that Zuck will quit Facebook and fire all of his 30-year-old friends.

But Zuck’s big day is a reminder of the industry’s ageism problem, which is ridiculous.

Also, it’s a nice birthday reminder to Zuck that there’s always someone younger, fresher, and “smarter” building the next Facebook in their dorm rooms. So live it up on your special day, old man–and watch your back.

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