This Instagram Account Is Documenting India’s Election In The Most Beautiful Way Possible

Meet, a collective of photographers documenting the longest election in the country’s history.

After five weeks, nine phases, and with more than 800 million voters casting ballots, India has closed the polls for a historic election to decide the fate of the country. With the Prime Minister seat up for grabs, a collective of photographers that calls themselves has been crowdsourcing all the twists and turns as Narendra Modi–a fiercely divisive leader and current chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat–looks to become India’s next leader. His platform? Modi has aggressively positioned himself as “India’s CEO.”


It has been a long, grueling, and at times violent clash of political ideologies. Nevertheless,’s Instagram feed has been there to document history in the making–for better or worse. The official election results are due out Friday.

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