• 05.12.14

Watch Common Commercials Get Instantly Amazing With Some Creative Editing

All it takes is a slight difference to make a familiar ad wickedly funny.

Before the almighty Internet came along, the skills of a particularly deft film editor couldn’t be as openly celebrated and enjoyed. We went to movies and watched TV, but by the time the editing credits rolled we were already out of the theatre or up off the couch.


Thanks to editorial wizardry and a sense of humor, we can see what some of our favorite films and shows would look like in the hands of someone else. Who wouldn’t want to see The Shining as a romantic comedy, or Game of Thrones as a wacky summer flick? Over at Reddit’s Commercial Cuts sub-reddit, users are doing the same for advertising–submitting their own edits of familiar commercials, often with wickedly funny results.

Some of the best ones have been around for a while, but it’s a true blessing to have them all in one place. And if you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll never look at the old Swiffer folks, that Folger’s Christmas spot, the Lunchables kid and a car ride to Wendy’s the same way again.

About the author

Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. He lives in Toronto.