Tough Mudder’s CEO On Depending On A Team

With Will Dean’s customer base helping each other up sweat and mud-slicked slopes and crawling past competitors in electrified sludge pits, the CEO and cofounder of Tough Mudder has to have an even more unique view on his staff’s work.

How else could they dream up sadistic, somehow-addictive designs like “Fire in Your Hole” and “Ladder to Hell” in this obstacle endurance event?

Will Dean

“It’s not me that built this on my own,” Dean says. “Yes, I was an important part of it…but Tough Mudder wouldn’t be anything near what it is if it was just me working on my own.”

You can be proud of yourself, while being proud of your team, he believes.

“That’s a value set that runs through everything Tough Mudder does; not just in the obstacles we design but the way we approach business problems internally, and the way I encourage people in our company to live their life as well.”SC