Inspirational Posters That Don’t Totally Suck

Baron Fig’s motivational posters are pretty and peppy.

Fancy notebook-makers Baron Fig recently launched The Poster Project, a series of 12 inspirational posters by various visual and silkscreen artists.

Illustratoin by Jen Mussari

The company asked designers with an eclectic mix of aesthetic styles to come up with graphic takes on inspirational slogans and quotes, such as, “less talking, more doing” and Ben Franklin’s aphorism, “One today is worth two tomorrows.”

The designers were given Baron Fig’s color palette, gold and Merlot–a reference to the the Greek sun god Apollo and his brother, the wine-loving Dionysus. The colors are meant to represent the dichotomy between discipline and impulse in art, according to Baron Fig CEO Joey Cofone.* “We decided to go with inspiring quotes because it represents what Baron Fig is, in terms of inspiring makers to create and create in their own voice,” Cofone says.

The posters are being rolled out one-by-one over the course of May, and will be sold in limited batches starting in June.

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*An earlier version of this story misspelled the last name of Baron Fig’s CEO. It is Cofone, not Cafone.


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