5 Free Apps To Keep Learning

The next time you’re waiting in line, stretch your brainpower with these apps.

If the last time you did math without a calculator was in 8th grade and the toddler beside you on the train is crushing your trivia score, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long that’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Maths Everywhere (Android and iOS)

Unless you’re splitting the dinner bill with mathletes, everyday calculations are annoying at best, tense at worst. Be prepared for figuring out the cost of a road trip, converting measurements and currencies, or quartering a recipe with lessons and quizzes on real-life scenarios.

Mental Workout (Android and iOS)

More of a mental recovery than a workout, this app offers programs for training in mindful meditation, smoking cessation, stress relief, and getting a better night’s sleep. The programs are designed by experts in their fields, and feature instant tactics as well as long-term plans for sticking to your goals.

SAT Question Of The Day (iOS)


If it’s been years since you took your SATs, this app will remind you why you were so stressed. It delivers a practice question every day, keeping you sharp in a snack-sized format–no cramming required.

Quizlet (Android and iOS)

Learners around the world create quizzes covering every imaginable topic (in 20 million sets), and offer them free for anyone to take. Join college classes, connect with other students learning the same skills as you, and bring the learning with you–no Internet connection necessary.

StudyBlue (Android and iOS)

Once you’ve learned all that stuff above, refresh your memory with this flash-cards app. Put photos on cards, dictate material, and swap notes with other users. Next time you have a big presentation, own the room with material close at hand.


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