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Lyft Moves Into Uber Black's Territory With Fancy Premium Rides

The Lyft Plus cars have steel mustaches, because why not?

[Images: Lyft]

Trendy car-sharing service Lyft is moving into Uber's territory with a new premium option that is a little more like a glitzy limo ride. It's called Lyft Plus, and it's mainly for situations where you need to accommodate six passengers at a time.

Lyft says it tapped "custom car experts" to "design specialty Ford Explorers exclusively for Lyft Plus." Each SUV is illuminated underneath with "under-car LED lights," and comes with a "brushed-steel mustache" instead of a fluffy pink one.

Using it will cost twice as much as a regular Lyft, but, per the company, will cost about 20% less than Uber Black. But since Lyft relies on its community to provider drivers, who will be driving the dang things? Per an email, "Lyfts top, most active drivers," who had to purchase the metal-mustached rides themselves. It's only available in San Francisco for now, with more cities planned for the future. Learn more about it at Lyft's blog.

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