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Rough Day? This Gorgeous HD Livestream Of Earth From The International Space Station Will Help

Maybe you're just having one of those days. You spilled coffee on your keyboard, your boss is clearly annoyed, the lunch line at Chipotle wrapped around the block, and your inbox never ends, like an ouroboros gnawing at your soul. What to do?

Relax, ya'll. Take a breather. This live view of Earth from HD cameras affixed to the International Space Station will zen you out. Since April 30, a rotating cast of ISS cameras have been livestreaming otherworldly views of our big Blue Marble on UStream. As of writing this, some 5.6 million earthlings have already tuned in:

When the cameras aren't taking a break, it's all quite pretty, especially when they capture a sunset. It makes you feel small, but in a good way. If you're a geography buff, you might even recognize a few of the sights.

"There is no audio on purpose," writes NASA. "Add your own soundtrack." You can watch it above or on Ustream here. Just whatever you do, don't read the comments. Those might really ruin your day.