Infographic: All The Wearables You Could Be Wearing Right Now

From design consultancy Fjord–which recently worked with Adidas to develop the miCoach SMART RUN smartwatch for runners–comes the latest in smart thinking: an infographic to help you be smarter about the products and technology now out there to help you live, well, smart.

Our appetite for self-improvement and a desire to take greater control over our lifestyles is fueling the development of an array of wearables–from glasses, jackets, and T-shirts to arm bands, socks, and even (thanks, Microsoft) the “smart bra.” So if you want to be healthier, fitter or even sleep better, there’s now a product in the market (or soon to launch, at least) for you.

According to research into 27 of the most notable wearable devices by Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, around 70 percent are intended to monitor our body in some way (the remaining 23 percent being designed for communication). Fifty-nine percent of these health-oriented devices monitor health and 48 percent track fitness. Meanwhile, 7 percent can help a user sleep.

Digital applications for health care organizations have become a growing area of business for Fjord in recent years, explains Fjord chief client officer Mark Curtis, who predicts wearable technology will become a growing focus for health care providers in years to come. “Despite the recent focus on optics–including Google Glass, virtual reality, and wrist bands, the scope for wearable technology is actually far wider,” he says. “Our aim is to spread this message and the fact that though in health care and related areas wearable tech is currently experimental, for a growing number of clients with an eye on the future, experimenting with wearable technology is fast becoming an imperative.”