Call 1-844-GIRLBOSS For A Quick Confidence Boost

To promote her book Girl Boss, out today, Sophia Amoruso is dishing out her signature brand of work and life advice via this toll-free number.

Call 1-844-GIRLBOSS For A Quick Confidence Boost
Nasty Gal founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso [Image via Sophia Amoruso's Instagram]

If you’re looking for pre-recorded advice on how to be a kick-ass girl boss, Nasty Gal founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso has created the touch-tone destination for you. As part of promotion for her book Girl Boss, out today, Amoruso has secured the toll-free number 1-844-GIRLBOSS. “Call for a good time,” she writes on her Instagram.

The number sends callers to a pre-recorded menu of options, through which Amoruso will give you a “quick guide to an awesome life.” Press 1 to hear about being a girl boss, press 2 for money, press 3 for fashion, and so on. Each of the menu options leads to Amoruso doling out her signature take-charge advice, straight from her book.

Amoruso begins her book tour today. While she travels across the country promoting her memoir, she hasn’t left her social media fans hanging. She once called her Instagram followers “the best focus group.” This social branding savvy shines through with the hotline. She’s not just posting pictures of her outfits while on the tour–although she is doing that, too, on her blog–but creating an interactive experience. If Instagram commenters are any indicator, her fans are loving it.

You can read more about how Amoruso created a multi-million dollar company by staying true to her identity, while amassing a huge grass roots fan-base, here.

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