Show Your Love Of The Golden Girls And Papercraft With These Miniature TV Playsets

There’s finally an appropriate playset for your Blanche and Dorothy action figures.

There are niche art projects, and then there is an Etsy shop that specializes in papercraft scale models of the sets from beloved (and less-beloved) television sitcoms and talk shows. Have you wondered how best to demonstrate to the world your love of both the Golden Girls and of expertly folded paper? Fear not–Everyday Miniatures has your back.


The brainchild of designer Alan Ronay, the scale models include the Golden Girls house, the Addams Family house, the I Love Lucy apartment, and–for reasons that are a bit unclear–the set for season 10 of The Ellen Degeneres Show (not to be confused with the comedian’s eponymous mid-’90s sitcom).

“I start by designing the layout of each set,” Ronay writes in the “about” section of his Etsy profile. “Since I have only the TV shows themselves to work with and no blueprints or sketches of the sets, I have to imagine what the dimensions and angles are. Sometimes I’m lucky to find some behind-the-scenes pictures that help me resolve issues with the layout. I then have to draw each and every wall and piece of furniture. Next, I print all the pieces on high-resolution artist paper and mount the pieces on boards.”

The result is a painstaking and obviously very loving recreation of the TV sets. His Addams Family is tinged with the purple-ish greyscale that enhances the show’s creepiness, while his I Love Lucy is a brighter, more cheerful version of black-and-white. (Ellen and The Golden Girls are in full color, naturally.) And while Ronay’s Everyday Miniatures Etsy shop sells completed versions of each of the sets (at prices in the $300 range), he’s also not bogarting the designs: blueprints for The Golden Girls and The Addams Family are available for download at a few bucks each. If he can make his own custom Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia action figures next, Ronay will be downright unstoppable.

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