The 1,696 Pairs Of Underwear And Other Items Lost On New York’s Subways

The 5 million people who ride New York City’s subways every day are bound to lose a few things. But this is New York–where the subways are used to haul everything from gym bags to band instruments to pets–so we’re not just talking misplaced mittens and scarves. According to an analysis of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s lost and found, 1,696 “undergarments” went missing in the subway. The MTA also has an entire section called “Jewish,” for lost Tefillin.

As you can see in this infographic, New Yorkers lose all sorts of things, from answering machines to wheelchairs. “We get false teeth almost every week,” William Bonner, supervisor of the New York City Transit lost-and-found office told the Associated Press. “How do you lose your teeth?” Better question: How do you lose your underwear? (Subway sex. Ew.)

The lost and found office located below the 34th Street station has also seen a pet bunny, a prosthetic leg, a car bumper, a tuba, a diamond engagement ring, and a briefcase full of sex toys, according to the AP. Much like New York, the subway lost and found is a delightful mix. It’s also indicative of trends. Over 28,000 cell phones were lost, compared with 59 pagers.

But don’t worry. If you ever lose something on the train, the lost and found office has a 60% return rate. “We are the most successful lost and found in the country and possibly the world,” the MTA’s Melissa Gissentanner told the AP.