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You Can Now Add Stuff To Your Amazon Cart Through Twitter With A Hashtag

Now, you can reply with a hashtag to Amazon links to add stuff to your shopping cart.

Are you so addicted to Twitter that you can't pry yourself away from your tweet stream to do anything else? Well, good news! Amazon just unrolled a new initiative that lets you buy goods on Twitter…using a hashtag.

The video above explains how it works. But essentially, after linking your Twitter and Amazon accounts, if you see an Amazon link in a tweet, you can reply with the hashtag #AmazonCart in the U.S. (or #AmazonBasket in the U.K.) to have the object of your desire magically appear in your shopping cart.

If you follow @Pampers, for example (and apparently 98k people do, which, I don't know...), and the account posts an Amazon link to a 100-pack of diapers, you can reply #AmazonCart instead of closing the app and navigating over to The downside: You'll be broadcasting to anyone who might come across it that you're buying diapers.

Nevertheless, Twitter appears to be serious about transforming itself into a shopping portal. In January, the platform was in talks to acquire a payments startup called Stripe, which would allow retailers to accept purchases from inside tweets themselves. Amazon, meanwhile, is keen on scattering as many potential transaction funnels across cyberspace to its shopping cart as possible, as if it were an e-commerce Johnny Appleseed.

In the hands of a savvy brand, hashtag shopping might be a useful distribution tool. That said, I'm not sure I'd actually use #AmazonCart to publicly reveal what I'm shopping for... Would you?

[HT: TechCrunch]