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Google Shopping Launches Same-Day Delivery In NYC and L.A.—And It's Free For Six Months

Google Shopping Express will now offer same-day delivery from retailers like Target, Staples, and Costco.

Google Shopping Launches Same-Day Delivery In NYC and L.A.--And It's Free For Six Months

[Image: Google]

Google's battles with the Apples and Facebooks of the world are well documented, but it's also worth paying attention to the search giant's not-so-secret desire to become the next Amazon. Starting today, our reigning Most Innovative Company is rolling out a new, same-day shopping initiative in Los Angeles and New York.

It is called Google Shopping Express, and the insta-delivery service is already available in San Francisco. But now, customers living in certain L.A. neighborhoods (Culver City, Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, and Westwood) and Manhattan (Brooklyn and Queens will get it in the coming weeks) can order goods from local retailers like Target, Staples, Costco, Fairway, and more, to receive their orders the same day. (In San Francisco,if you order by 4:30 p.m., you should get your stuff by 9 p.m.)

There's an iOS and Android app, or users can navigate to But here's perhaps the craziest part of the deal, and something that I'm sure Amazon is paying extra close attention to: To snag new customers, Google is nixing the Express delivery surcharge for the next six months—so, yeah, it's free until fall—and including a $10 spending bonus. So stock up on your 30-packs of Quilted Northern toilet paper—or whatever it is you're unwilling to change out of your PJs for—while you can.