The Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 28-May 2

Once you have that extra hour free in your workday, you might want to start packing for Switzerland: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for April 28-May 2.

How A Popular Word Is Undermining Your Credibility

So…how often do you buffer your stories with this pause? It lets your audience know they’re about to hear an elevator pitch–and gives them permission to stop listening to your spiel. Be more aware of how you begin stories with these reasons “so” should disappear from your vocabulary.

What Is The Best Country In The World To Work?

The U.S. earns the most, but where do we land on happiness? Where’s the best place to raise a family? We crunched the numbers and found out that the answer isn’t simple–the best place to work depends on what you value.

How To Set Goals For The Life You Actually Want

We’ve all heard that “it’s the journey, not the destination” that matters–but it’s rarely as simple as that. Here’s how to shift your goal-setting to get where you’re going, with rewards along the way.

7 Ways To Knock An Hour Off Your Work Day

Make the chit-chat rounds at lunchtime, rank your appointments, do a 4 p.m. triage–get even more done, in even less time, with these easy to employ tips. What will you do with an extra hour at the end of the work day?

The Definitive Guide To Social Media Tools For Startups

Have a tool tweet for you, tell Facebook who to target, measure your impact and way, way more. Make your networks work for you. More than 60 social media tools you never know you needed.