• 05.02.14

This Weekend, Uber Will Clean Out Your Closet For Goodwill

Whatever controversies the car service is involved with, Uber certainly knows how to pull together a fantastic, heartwarming (and manipulative?) promotion.

This Weekend, Uber Will Clean Out Your Closet For Goodwill
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Uber is not a company necessarily known for its customer service. There’s the surge pricing during busy times like New Year’s Eve. There’s the possibility you may be harassed by a rogue driver.


But at least Uber has carved out a reputation as a company that knows how to put on a good, heartwarming stunt, whether it’s delivering ice cream in the summer, offering up roses on Valentine’s Day, or bringing people adorable, adoptable cats to play with in the office.

For its next stunt, Uber is partnering with Goodwill to take away Manhattan residents’ unwanted clothes. It’s a simple idea: On May 3, bag your clothes, press the “Spring” option in the Uber app, and bring your bags out to the Uber car when it arrives. That’s it.

As Digiday points out, Uber’s stunts aren’t just about making existing customers happy, or even stealing customers away from competing services like Lyft. They’re also an important method of swaying city leaders who may be on the fence about allowing Uber to operate. Who can resist an ice cream-serving, cat-toting car service that also happens to facilitate donations to Goodwill?

More details on Uber’s Spring Cleaning promotion are available here.

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