• 05.06.14

14 Disturbing Posters Illustrate The Dire State Of Our Energy System

The Public Energy Art Kit offers a glimpse at the challenges of moving away from fossil fuels.

You may think the way we get energy right now is fine and that climate change doesn’t really exist. But if not, there’s this: The Public Energy Art Kit (P.E.A.K.).


P.E.A.K. brings together artists who are passionate about climate change and want to move the energy system away from fossil fuels. It’s a project sponsored by the Post Carbon Institute, Foundation for Deep Ecology, Grace Communications, and the Wallace Action Fund.

See their video here, which shows where much of our power presently comes from:

“P.E.A.K. is a large-format printed compendium of 14 posters about the challenge of tackling climate change, energy inequality, and fossil-fuel dependency,” says the press release. You can view nine of the 14 posters in the slideshow and see them all here.

Below is one of the artists, Wisconsin-based Nicolas Lampert, talking about his work. His picture is the one with the pipelines flowing into the Capitol Building:

If you’ve seen P.E.A.K. in your area (online, offline), you can map it here. The campaigners are aiming to spread the word.

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