The Grommet Launches Wholesale Platform To Bridge The Gap Between Makers And Retailers

For independent retailers, one big challenge can be in finding new, unique products to put on store shelves, and establishing a relationship with the makers of these products. That’s where a new wholesale shop from The Grommet comes in.

What’s The Grommet? It’s a product launch platform and e-commerce site that curates yet-to-be-discovered innovative products. It has a track record of featuring products that go on to be big hits, like Fitbit, GoldieBlox, and SodaStream. In addition to exposing the product to The Grommet’s one million subscribers and potential buyers, the company also helps with things like marketing and scaling.

With The Grommet Wholesale, which launched Thursday, brick-and-mortar stores can get these new products on their shelves, and benefit from the already-existing relationships The Grommet has with makers. The search for new products on The Grommet’s wholesale platform is facilitated by a one-stop-shop portal where retailers can browse and purchase products that have The Grommet’s seal of approval.

The overall goal seems to be to bridge the gap between new products and the independent retailers who want to sell them, enriching storefronts and Main streets across America while nurturing innovative makers and creators. According to a press release, “the Grommet Wholesale is a critical bridge to give each party the ability to support one another and scale successfully.”JH