• 05.02.14

See Khaleesi As Drogo And 18 More Chilling Celebrity Face Swaps

It takes Jedi-level photoshop skills to make Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia swap faces, but that is what we’re dealing with here. It is very funny and also uncomfortable. You can’t look away.

I’ve seen films more ridiculous than the 1997 Nicolas Cage schlockfest, Face/Off, but not many. The movie’s premise is that Cage and co-star John Travolta undergo surgery to look like each other by actually trading faces. It would have been interesting to see what these two would’ve looked like, however, had they only traded faces, and not somehow also extended the wiry Cage body to mid-’90s Travolta-size. (The world is still waiting for an answer on how that was supposed to make sense, director John Woo!) Perhaps one day soon we’ll find out, since “face swapping” is now a thing.


There is an army of funny nerds constantly at work photoshopping celebrities. In the past, we’ve seen them make Jennifer Aniston embrace normcore, Hugh Laurie look like a lady, Leonardo DiCaprio look like an old man, and Judi Dench go full hipster. Face swapping is different, though, because it performs a Cage/Travolta-like surgery on two or more celebrities at a time, most often while in the guise of a beloved character. whether it’s James Bond and M, or Khaleesi and Khal Drogo, these digital operations are hilarious and also just . . . wrong. Why does Buzz Lightyear look like Sheriff Woody now? That shouldn’t be.

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