• 05.01.14

Broken Bells Are Giving Away 3-D Printing Blueprints To Accompany Their New Album

The science fiction-minded indie rock duo are pursuing the near-future of 3-D printing.

Broken Bells, the indie rock duo consisting of Shins frontman James Mercer and all-star producer Danger Mouse, released their latest album, After The Disco in February to an eager audience, which quickly vaulted it to a #5 debut on Billboard; a slew of headlining tour dates followed. But more interesting than the band’s commercial success is its focus on a retro-sci-fi aesthetic, which envisions a brightly-colored, if sometimes bleak, future.


The band had realized that vision in a two-part short film that accompanied the announcement of After The Disco, in which Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin play lovers struggling to reach one another through space and time; as well as in a music video from their 2010 debut, which starred Christina Hendricks as an astronaut. And, to promote the new album, the band is looking to science-fact to reach that science-fiction aesthetic: namely, 3-D printing.

The band released today two sets of 3-D printing blueprints that reflect the group’s iconography: a model of the pink globe that’s appeared on both of the band’s album covers, as well as a model of Kate Mara’s “Space Girl” from the short. Fans are invited to download and print their own Broken Bells models–and for those without 3-D printers (i.e., most of us), they’re also GIVING A FEW AWAY. Just send an email with your contact info to for a chance to take one of them home yourself (quantities limited, obviously).

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