The Best Thing You’ll See Today: This Video Of Hamsters Eating Perfect, Tiny Burritos

If you need a mind-clearing break, there’s something meditative about this video of a chef painstakingly creating tiny burritos to feed to tiny hamsters at a tiny countertop bistro.

Kudos to recently launched comedy YouTube channel Hello Denizen for combining two of humanity’s favorite things–animals acting like miniature humans, and burritos–to serve up this minute and a half of awesomeness.

It’s unclear who’s behind the comedy project, as its sparse Twitter and Facebook pages offer little info, but they evidently have varied interests–the channel’s first video, called “Bubble Porn,” is a series of gags that appear at first to be very NSFW until they reveal they aren’t (Update: Ad agency Denizen Company reached out and updated the Twitter account to confirm that Hello Denizen is their company’s independent content arm, which explains the high production values). The new video is officially titled “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos–Episode 1,” so we assume there is more to come. We’ll take a whole season.