Here Are Some Excellent Things Not Available In The App Store. Get Them Now!

Skinned knees kind of suck. They sting right away, and then they sting even worse upon applying disinfectant. More often than not, though, a skinned knee is also an unmistakable sign of a good time had. You can’t get one just sitting there watching Cosmos on your iPad. In fact, there are lots of things you can’t do with any digital device that exists (for now), and an entire generation of indoor kids could use a reminder of that.

Three students at digital school Hyper Island recently unveiled a simple new design project: the “Not Available on the App Store” sticker. The idea is to place these anywhere outdoors where real, highest-definition, truly multi-dimensional activity happens. Swing sets, skate parks, tree forts, etc: these are all the kinds of natural stimulants that take kids out of distractability and into a realm of pure enjoyment that can’t be replicated in a lab (for now).

You can either buy the stickers from a dedicated site or make them yourself at Kinkos or wherever. Although the stickers are clearly geared toward children, it’s a message that should resonate with adults too. Seeing one of these stickers on a foosball table might trigger a glitch in their personal Matrix.

Have a look at some of the stickers in action in the slides above.

H/t to Colossal