Want To Be An Amateur Godzilla? Share Your Roar

This time, it’s not Katy Perry who shall be heard to roar, it’s fans of movie monster Godzilla. In advance of the May 16 franchise reboot, Legendary Pictures is asking viewers to let their vocal chords rip and share the results.

To provide some roar context, an accompanying video (above) features the film’s director Gareth Edwards, sound designer Erik Aadahl, and producer Thomas Tull discussing the nature and importance of the monster’s vocalizations–and as a bonus, presents star Bryan Cranston doing his own version of the roar.

Once you submit your own blood-curdling scream to The Roar Heard Round the World with the hashtag #GodzillaRoar, you’ll unlock a movie sneak peak. And if your roar is fierce enough, you might even be featured in the online gallery, alongside the other beast wannabes. And while some of the participants so far took the brief more seriously than others, many of them are surprisingly amusing. See them here.