This Infographic Reveals The Real Ways To Hold On To New Hires

Imagine you’ve just hired a new employee and it’s their first day on the job.

You have everything in place for them before they arrive, including a clever employee handbook, their desk arrangement and new equipment, and a good idea of what their responsibilities will be.

During their first few weeks on the job, you’ve met with your new hire to talk about their role and your expectations for them, introduced them to the team, provided them with a mentor, and taken them through the on-the-job training and orientation process.

You’d think that an involved orientation process like this would be common sense for companies, especially since new employees are 58% more likely to stay with a company for at least three years if they experience a structured orientation program, according to the Wynhurst Group.

However, recent research from HR software company BambooHR shows that 31% of new hires quit a job within the first six months, and more than 16% quit in the very first week.

It turns out the No. 1 thing new hires want in their first week isn’t fancy perks or free food; it’s on-the-job training, quickly followed by a review of company policies.

So if you’ve hired for quality and not quantity and avoided a bad hire, now it’s time to hold on to these prized hires for the long haul.

Check out our slide show of BambooHR’s infographic for more insight.RG