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Homeland Security Tells Americans To Avoid Using Internet Explorer

Over the weekend, a security firm discovered a vulnerability that affects 56% of the browser market.

Homeland Security Tells Americans To Avoid Using Internet Explorer

[Image: Flickr user Hash Milhan]

The Department of Homeland Security is advising online users against Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser after researchers discovered a security flaw over the weekend.

On Saturday, Milpitas, Calif.-based FireEye Research Labs identified a vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11, which comprise 56% of the browser market, according to NetMarketShare. The bug exploits corrupted Flash content to bypass protections and attack Windows computers.

"We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem," the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a division of Homeland Security, said Monday in an advisory.

On Saturday, Microsoft said it was undergoing an investigation and working on a solution to the bug, but an update has not been made available yet. The company is urging users to use update their software, enable a firewall, and install antivirus software. FireEye said disabling the Flash plugin on Internet Explorer will prevent the exploit.