How Your Twitter Following Can Get You Discounts On Luxury Hotels

“A Hotelie to me is someone who’s in the know, gets access to discounts and rates that no one else knows, so, ‘you’ve been hotelied’ is you’ve been admitted into this group in the know,” explains Zeev Sharon, CEO and Founder of Hotelied, a new online hotel booking site startup that gives you discounts based on your social feeds and other information you share through the Hotelied system.

Just like a “foodie” seeks out the best restaurants they can find, Hotelied tries to match the travelers with the right hotels. Rather than being overwhelmed with hundreds of search results like most hotel booking sites, Hotelied keeps a focus on luxury hotels and rewards its users with discounted deals that are exclusive to them, based on their profile.

“Hotelied works similar to an online dating site that, as opposed to it being a one-sided marketplace both parties basically create a profile that describes who they are. Both parties get to say what they’re looking for on the other side and our system makes the ideal match.” says Sharon.

The more information you add to your Hotelied profile the more discounts become available to you. With a tagline of “It Pays to Be You” Hotelied is capitalizing on the concept of “social media currency” in that users can actually start to turn the tables on how brands interact with personal data. “A lot of companies will use your data for their own benefit,” says Steve Spurgat, managing director of Big Human, a design agency in New York City. “What’s unique about Hotelied is that it uses your data for your benefit.”

Hotelied, has currently partnered with 14 hotels, primarily in NYC, with a small selection in Miami, L.A., Chicago, Palm Springs, and Boston, with more being added quickly.SS