• 04.29.14

See Amazingly Detailed Lego Recreations Of Nintendos And Polaroid Cameras (And Build Your Own)

Lots of people are good at making weird things with Legos, but photographer and illustrator Chris McVeigh also offers up detailed directions.

If you’ve ever wanted to impress someone who is impressed by odd talents of dubious practical use, but you don’t possess said talents naturally, Chris McVeigh–a writer, photographer, and illustrator who also adds “Lego builder” to his self-description–has you covered. His collection of photographs includes a number of homebrew Lego creations, with a focus on old technology, ’80s sci-fi iconography, and the occasional delicious-looking Lego meal, all made as rather small pieces that nonetheless capture a certain amount of vivid detail–his NES looks like an NES.


The fact that McVeigh’s able to build an immediately identifiable Lego turkey dinner might be great when he’s out trying to show off his own skill, but how does it help you? In addition to making–and selling–his creations, he also offers detailed, step-by-step (and brick-by-brick) blueprints for building your own version of his Lego creations. Does anyone need a 68 page booklet detailing how to build a Lego Tardis? Maybe not; but if you’re at the Doctor Who convention and things get a little crazy at the bar, you can impress the hell out of the rest of your drinking buddies if you’ve memorized McVeigh’s plans in advance (and carry the required pieces on your person, but why wouldn’t you?). Ultimately, this sort of epic nerdery is the sort of thing that really ought to be open source–what’s the point of learning how to build a Lego Atari 2600 if you can’t also show the world how you did it?–and kudos to McVeigh for recognizing that.

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