• 04.28.14

Infographic: How To Feel Happier And Less Stressed

Here are a few simple tricks to boost your mood (and some stats about how your bad mood is bad for you).

Are you down in the dumps? Wish you felt like clapping along to Pharrell? Happify can help. The company’s digital brain games promise to boost feelings of happiness and fulfillment. If you’re not convinced–or if you’re too stressed to take a mid-day procrastination break–then the company’s new infographic could be your happiness quick fix. According to “How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness,” 85% of the stuff we worry about most never even happens. But if it does, Happify has some simple solutions. Keep a potted plant on your desk at work, smile more (even if you don’t feel like it), and give back. Helping others lowers stress and makes you feel like you’ve got more free time.


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Jennifer Miller is the author of The Year of the Gadfly (Harcourt, 2012) and Inheriting The Holy Land (Ballantine, 2005). She's a regular contributor to Co.Create.