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Netflix Is Coming to Cable TV. Say What?

Starting April 28th, Netflix will be accessible via TiVo DVRs on some cable providers.

Netflix Is Coming to Cable TV. Say What?

[Image: Flickr user Brian Cantoni]

While Comcast is busy deflecting accusations from Netflix that a Time Warner Cable merger would mean higher fees for customers, the streaming video service just made some surprising headway in fertile new territory: cable television.

Cable providers Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications, and RCN announced Friday that, beginning April 28th, subscribers will be able to access Netflix through their TiVo DVRs. Atlantic in particular says using its interface will be as "easy as changing the channel." The move is surprising, considering Netflix's key role in the Great Unbundling.

You'll still need a Netflix package—which is about to become a dollar or two more expensive—in addition to a cable subscription. And, as Engadget notes, the service already has similar deals in place via TiVo in Europe. Just don't expect it play friendly with the soon-to-be Comcast-TWC conglomerate.