The Top Leadership Stories, April 21-25

We dreamed of a better work-world this week, whether you’re reflecting on how emotional intelligence plays into hiring practices or creativity comes from old-fashioned wisdom: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of April 21.


Why You Need To Stop Bragging About How Busy You Are

Working crazy-long hours to wit’s end is a status symbol; colleagues try to out-suffer each other to be the busiest martyr in the office. As we’re burning out, that attitude is shifting–some companies going as far as firing for working over 40 hours. You’ll be surprised who’s leading the change.

The 6 Best Tools For Creative Work, According To Science

Creativity doesn’t come from a toolkit, but these fresh ways to look at the process–including getting out the old pen and paper, going for a run, and taking a chair nap–can spark new ideas.

How A 13-Year-Old Got Her Fashion Line In Nordstrom

Forget dolls and dress-up: At age eight, Isabella Rose Taylor began her career at sewing camp and bee-lined for the big time. Before the 13-year-old’s designs hit the rack this fall, check out how the teenage entrepreneur made it with “blood, sweat, and glitter.”

Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important To Hiring Than You Think

Sifting through a stack of resumes and references can only tell you so much about job candidates’ true abilities. Emotional intelligence–the capacity for self-awareness, managing emotions, and defending her position–is just as important as a flawless CV. Read this before you make your next hiring decision.

How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram And You Can, Too

The photo-sharing platform isn’t just for selfies anymore. Take your audience behind the scenes of your brand, run contests, and feature your biggest fans with Instagram–no sepia toned desaturated filters necessary.