Ubisoft Teams With Frank & Oak For “Watch Dogs”-Inspired Fashion

Pop culture has always had a huge influence on fashion, whether it’s people wanting to dress up like stars of TV, movies or music, or celebrities actually selling their own designs. But rarely have video games been part of the party.

To mark the May 27th launch of Ubisoft’s long-awaited open world adventure game Watch Dogs, the video game company has teamed with men’s fashion e-tailer Frank & Oak to design a 12-piece collection inspired by the game. The partnership makes sense, not only because the two companies share audience demographics among men 18 to 40, but also a neighborhood. The Watch Dogs game engine was developed at Ubisoft’s sizeable Montreal office, just down the street from Frank & Oak’s headquarters.

Frank & Oak co-founder and creative director Ethan Song says it makes sense that video games would inspire fashion design. “Countless fashion lines have been inspired by music and film, but as a technology brand, we’re often inspired by digital art forms, like video games,” says Song. “This was an opportunity to blend fashion, art, and technology into something new and interesting that would evoke the game’s dark and mysterious aesthetic.”

Given the game is about a vigilante hacker seeking justice on the streets of Chicago, the collection isn’t exactly colorful, its palette ranges from dark brown and grey to black. “We worked closely with Ubisoft’s creative directors and saw early versions of the game to fully understand the feeling and aesthetic of the Watch Dogs universe,” says Song. “From there, we had the creative freedom to run with our ideas.”

Hacker vigilante chic is pretty middle of the road, let’s just hope this video game fashion thing doesn’t go all Demon Gaze on us.JB