Facebook Courts Journalists With Its “FB Newswire”

The social network partners with Storyful in an effort to become a news resource for journalists.

Facebook Courts Journalists With Its “FB Newswire”
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On Thursday, Facebook announced FB Newswire, a tool aimed at helping journalists “find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce.”


The resource is powered by Storyful, which finds and verifies breaking news shared across social networks.

By way of a Facebook page and Twitter account, the FB Newswire shares original photos, videos, and updates about news stories buzzing across Facebook. It also provides a relevant hashtag for featured news items, and a point of contact for journalists looking for sources.

What kinds of news items will the FB Newswire cover? So far, it seems to be casting a wide net: Beyonce’s Time cover is posted alongside an update about Obama’s trip to Japan.

The goal, it seems, is to make Facebook a go-to source for journalists looking for stories, something Twitter has accomplished already. But perhaps one advantage the FB Newswire has over Twitter is the content shared there will have already been confirmed by Storyful’s team, effectively eliminating a step in the reporting process.

Facebook has been trying to optimize itself as a news source for a while now. Earlier this year, it launched Trending Topics to highlight topics buzzing on the network for users. And just this month it tweaked its algorithm to weed out “spammy” posts and surface only high-quality content from publishers.

“Journalists and media organizations have become an integral part of Facebook,” Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s director of News and Global Media Partnerships, said in a post, adding “we’re excited to deepen our relationship with media organizations and journalists in the days to come.”

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