• 04.24.14

The CATable Solves The Cat-Interfering-With-Your-Work “Problem” And Probably Creates A Bunch Of New Ones

Finally, a solution to one of the working world’s cutest problems.

There’s a whole microeconomy on the Internet based around the fact that cats like to interfere with the working process of people who spend their day sitting at desks. People have been paid money to solve the problem of cats walking on keyboards, millions of people have spent three minutes of their employers’ time watching this adorable kitten sleep in front of a monitor, etc, etc. We live with cats–some might say for cats–but they do get in the way.


This art/design piece created by Ruan Hao and Lycs Architecture understands the problem, and posits a solution: The CATable, a desk with built-in holes for cats to explore, hide in, nap in, or whatever else it is your cat gets up to, while you work on the less-fun parts of the desk.

The CATable, alas, isn’t a product available for sale. It premiered earlier this month at Milan Design Week, and at the moment seems to hover somewhere between “art project” and “prototype.” Of course, given the unique way the cat-facing holes are carved into the wood, mass-production seems like it’d be a tall (or at least expensive) order. In the meantime, though, you can check out the images of Hao’s solution to one of the working world’s cutest problems–as soon as your cat stops chasing your mouse.

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