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Watch A Murderer Use Snapchat To Commit The Perfect Crime In This 6-Minute Film

In Murder On Snapchat, the message-deleting app, along with other social media, becomes the platform of your worst nightmares.

It's normal to be anxious about the digital permanence of your activity on social media, but according to this film, we might have a lot more to fear from Snapchat messages that disappear forever.

In James Corbett's six-minute Murder On Snapchat, the app that deletes your messages seconds after they're sent is used to commit the perfect crime. It's creepy and dark, and feels like it could totally happen.

And like this film from last year set entirely on a teen's computer screen, the plot is told entirely through social media—all the dialog, and the final twist, happen the protagonist's Facebook, texting, and Snapchat screens. Happy messaging!