Yael Cohen On Tuning Out Distractions

Calling her company’s brand “creative” is an understatement: Fuck Cancer isn’t about pink ribbons, soft-voiced spokespeople, or inspirational poetry. They’re putting what anyone affected by cancer is feeling at the forefront of prevention awareness.

“Because it was an authentic, raw, emotional response that was serving a purpose,” says Cohen, they are welcomed into a traditionally conservatively branded space.

Urging Millennials to take action instead of their parents means meeting them where they are: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. But these can be as powerful of a distraction as a tool, Cohen says. “I think that we get so distracted with our smartphones… It takes your body and your brain time to switch between tasks. If we can focus on what we’re doing, we’ll be more productive at that task.”

Although her company speaks loudly, Cohen says it’s in stillness that she finds inspiration. “I think I’m generally more inspired when I’m away from technology. Whether that is on a beach somewhere or just in your room with your phones and screens shut off, I think that quietness is often very inspiring.”

Thanks to Free Agency for additional footage.SC