This Vine Cycles Through 100 Hilariously Demented Fake Emojis In 6 Seconds

Because sometimes you just need to text A Snake Digesting a PT Cruiser.


Depending on who you ask, emojis are either a fun way to spice up one’s texts or a step backward into a preliterate era. Vines have been similarly divisive, spawning a new breed of video stars, along with detractors who argue six-second clips are the epitome of ADD. One thing everyone can probably agree on, though, is that this emoji-Vine is fantastic.


Comic performer Avery Monsen, who wrote and illustrated the All My Friends Are Dead books and also writes for Billy on the Street, created the Vine, which shows of 100 emojis in six looping seconds. Rather than a pitch for actual emojis mass audiences could use–like the racially diverse ones we’ve been lacking, say–Monsen delivers a hilarious array of nonsensical imagery, much of it featuring animals being very silly. These include:

  • Clown Declaring Bankruptcy
  • Three Worms Pretending To Be One Long Worm
  • I Use Turtles as Shoes and Let Them Do The Walking
  • Wizard On a Skateboard
  • Top Hat Full of Pornography
  • Laura Dern Assembling IKEA Furniture

Have a look through more of our favorites in the slides above.

H/t to Boing Boing