Amanda Peyton

Cofounder, Grand St.

Amanda Peyton
[Illustration by Miles Donovan]

For filling in gaps in the crowd­funding economy.

Amanda Peyton

What she does:

At Grand St., an online marketplace for innovative electronics, Peyton helps entrepreneurs reach a large but targeted audience of early adopters.

Why it’s innovative:

Grand St. provides companies with software solutions to help them market new products, process sales, and track analytics.

Case in point:

Peyton discovered the SideKIC, an immersion circulation cooker. Usually, these cost thousands, but the inventor had created one for $200. He was selling two or three a week out of his studio. When his product debuted on Grand St., he began to sell hundreds.

Overall goal:

“We create a bridge to consumers for new tech,” says Peyton. “We also provide a beta-testing platform. If you need feed­back on a cool electronic that’s already in production, our knowledgeable community means you don’t have to rely on your mom for advice.”

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