Iolanthe Chronis

Cofounder, Swish

Iolanthe Chronis
[Illustration by Miles Donovan]

For filling in gaps in the crowd­funding economy.

Iolanthe Chronis

What she does:

Chronis and her team aggregate crowdfunding campaigns from across the web, and host campaigns as well.

Why it’s innovative:

Successful crowdfunding can be an unexpected curse: Entrepreneurs aren’t always ready to handle big sales bumps. For a fee, Swish manages sales and shipping–for projects it hosts and even ones from other sites.

Case in point:

A crowdfunding campaign for Pyro Pet (a kitten-shaped candle) collected thousands of orders, but the makers lacked the resources to ship all those candles by hand. Swish did it for them.

Overall goal:

“You only get one shot at your launch,” says Chronis. “Being able to talk to backers about shipping dates, letting customers update their shipping addresses, and offering call-in customer service are all really important. We’ve built those tools so you can get back to work on your creations.”

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