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Rebecca Goldman

Director, Good Robot

Rebecca Goldman

Rebecca Goldman Connected NBC's Show Revolution with the United Nations to raise awareness that one-fifth of the world's population goes without electricity.

[Image courtesy of NBCuniversal]

Rebecca Goldman

For telling philanthropy's story.

"You often see a cause tacked on to a movie just as it's being released," says Rebecca Goldman, who heads up the one-year-old philanthropic arm of Bad Robot, the film and TV company cofounded by uber-producer and director J.J. Abrams. Her mission is the opposite: building causes directly into TV shows and movies. So far, she's connected writers on Bad Robot's NBC show Revolution with the United Nations (to raise awareness about the one-fifth of the world's population who live without electricity) and used Star Trek: Into Darkness to promote a group that helps post–9/11 vets—some of whom Abrams cast, too.