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Tim and Karrie League

Cofounders, Alamo Drafthouse

Tim and Karrie League

Don't Talk and Text During the Movie Alamo Drafthouse Poster

[Coutesy of Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse]

Karrie and Tim League

For making the movie theater fun.

There is nothing Tim League—who owns an Austin-based alt-cinema institution called Alamo Drafthouse, where alcohol and food are served, and a distribution company called Drafthouse Films—won't do to get you to see a movie he loves. To promote Drafthouse's dark delight about escalating dares titled Cheap Thrills, Tim challenged the director, producer, and star to drink beer until one of them peed his pants. (Tim lost. The video evidence is online.) "It was a fun and creative stunt," says his wife, Karrie. "But would I say it was a proud moment?"

No, pride stems from their recent success: The Alamo opened eight new theaters nationwide in 2013, bringing the total to 17, with plans to hit 50 by 2017. Drafthouse Films' The Act of Killing had the highest-grossing opening of any documentary in 2013 and was nominated for an Oscar. The Leagues took films from their annual Fantastic Fest, the largest genre-film festival in the U.S., to eight markets. They also hosted the debut of Forever Fest, a gleeful weekend in Austin devoted to programming by and for smart women. And with his widely publicized ban on Madonna, who made headlines after being caught texting during a non-Alamo screening of 12 Years a Slave, Tim is now a champion of proper filmgoing etiquette. "We want people to be excited about going to the movies," he says, "and we want to make sure that in all Alamo theaters, they know how to behave."