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Jami Curl

Founder, Quin

Jami Curl

Curl’s lollipops are crafted out of fresh fruit.

[Photo by Hannah Whitaker]
Jami Curl

For offering candy junkies a clean high.

Imagine a Tootsie Roll. Now imagine a better Tootsie Roll—a lovingly crafted little chocolate log made with natural, local ingredients. Jami Curl's Portland, Oregon, candy store specializes in modern riffs on American classics, such as gumdrops and Starburst, and boutique sweets, like lollipops made with fresh-fruit purees and marshmallows that you can buy by the inch. "We're not trying to go with crazy flavors," Curl says. "It's pulling-at-your-heartstrings, nostalgia-type food that taps into memories—but better."